That’s a three-part promise to our clients, our teaming partners and our colleagues. At VIATEQ, we work seamlessly and collaboratively in support of the mission. We’re engaged and nimble, from the top down and from the middle out. And we hold ourselves to a standard of performance that ensures not only are our clients satisfied, they’re delighted – and we are too.

We cultivate a team of committed and able professionals, and then we give them the autonomy to do great things for clients. We share a drive and a passion for quality work, and for going above and beyond – all the time.

Exceptional is the bar. Raising it is the goal. Let us show you how…


Lee Washington
President and CEO

Angela Wells
Chief Financial Officer

Luis Niño
Chief Growth Officer

Alonzo Fulgham
Executive Vice President Defense/Homeland

Kevin Williams
Director of Operations

Marisa McNemar
Director of Proposal Management

Stephen Seaberry
Director of Contracts

Rachel Carder
Human Resources Manager


Reginald “Reggie” Brothers, Ph.d.
Former Under Secretary for Science and Technology, Department of Homeland Security

Chris Cummiskey
Former Under Secretary and Deputy Secretary for Management, Department of Homeland Security

Jerry Horton
Former Chief Information Officer for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, USAID and United States Mint

Eric Broyles
Founder & CEO, Nanocan Therapeutics Corporation; Founder & Chairman, ExpertConnect Litigation Support, LLC


We put a focus on hiring good people who want to do good work. It’s that simple. We believe that when people are inherently driven and supported, they do phenomenal work. So that’s the environment we create. We put a focus on integrity and quality, and an equal emphasis on knowing our team members as people. We look for ways for everyone to develop professionally, while also accommodating their lives outside of work. We are flexible and support one another in order to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Sound like a place you want to be?